What NRI’s Look For Before Investing in Indian Real Estate Market(2 BHK floors in Mohali)

When NRIs are looking out for properties or 2 BHK floors in Mohali, they usually like to invest in segments that provide a huge return on investment. These people have a huge amount of money to buy and sell properties in Indian real estate market. Every year NRI’s invest huge amount in the real estate market.

NRIs would like to invest their money on projects that are profit making. It seems that India’s property market is a great option for NRIs. According to Indian law, an NRI can own both residential and commercial properties in India and there is no restriction on it. A person can also invest in any number of properties in India.

Do you know what NRIs look for before investing in the real estate market (2 BHK floors in Mohali)?

There are certain factors that NRIs go through before making a move. These are as follows:


The price is a major factor that an NRI’s usually studies before investing in the potential market. The current real estate prices are fluctuating. The prices have fallen in wake of government’s drastic steps on demonetization. According to media reports, the prices have fallen by 30 per cent in posh cities like Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai, etc. NRIs also need to keep a watch on India’s tax system. The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is the latest change that the country has witnessed. We hope there will be a substantial difference in prices of properties soon after GST’s implementations.


There are localities that are providing affordable, mid-segment and the luxury homes. Most of the NRI’s planning to invest India would be interested to know the locality and the infrastructure available in that particular area. Usually, the developing localities provide a huge return on investment. New Chandigarh is one such area and Ninehomz is a economical yet the biggest in 2 BHK in Mohali.


NRIs are not short of capital when they plan to invest in 2 BHK floors in Mohali. When NRIs are investing in India, either they are planning for resale or resettling in the country. These NRIs do not hesitate to spend hefty amounts in properties. If they need a loan, they can easily avail bank loans.

Builder’s reputation:

The reputation of the builders is vital for NRI’s. They usually like to associate with reputed builders who do not have records of delayed projects and delivery issues.

Possession Status:

It is a big concern for NRI’s as for them commitment is vital. The possession status is one of the important factors for the NRIs. Most of the time, the projects are delayed by 2 to 3 years, which is a big issue in India’s real estate market. NRI’s do not want to make losses. The ratifying of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 will make the system smooth. You must try to invest in a ready to move in property.

Risk Factor:

There are issues of litigated properties, lack of commitment from builders, and fraudulent activities involved in it. These risk factors may bring huge losses to overseas Indians. You must always buy property from reliable source and from a builder who has delivered projects successfully in the past. There are certain projects that are delivered in phases and Ninehomz is one such project. People are already residing and customers review is the bottom line.

Rupee fluctuation:

A few years ago, the rupee has depreciated against the US dollar substantially. At that point, India’s real estate market was affordable and lucrative for NRI’s to invest in 2 BHK floors in Mohali. Now, the rupee is volatile, which is a big concern again for NRIs.

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