Must-know Tips to Arrange your Living Room

The layout of your home is very important, mainly in your living room. Your living room is eventually the most used place and serves different purposes for different people. They serve as the main gathering area for family and sometimes they’re more of a showroom in some homes and used only when company comes over. Be it anyways, there are many issues that you’ll face when trying to make your living room layout comfortable and functional. Check out these tips to help you place furniture in your living room.

Three Feet Rule

You should try to save at least three feet of walking space around your living room. This is necessary if you don’t want to hill the walls and bump into sharp table corners while walking around. Thus, be cautious about doors and drawers so that there is enough room to open them properly.


Every room should have clear entrances to allow easy access in and out of your apartment. The entryway of our living room should be free of tables, couches and plants to make the room feel more welcoming and spacious.


The best way to define seating areas is to use area rugs. Area rugs can add great color and elegant touch to your living room, but the biggest mistake people make in the living room is using a too small area rug. Ensure that the entire piece of the furniture comfortably sit on the carpet or is completely off of it. Keep the edges and corners of rugs away from the main entryways and walkways around the room as these can prove to be a tripping hazard.


One of the most important things while arranging the living room is to measure the space before buying any of pieces like sofa, chairs or side table. They should not be too big or too small and hence it is ideal to draw up a floor plan ahead of time. Use all the appropriate measurements and try putting furniture in a few different spots to see what works best visually.


Make a focal point of the room and arrange furniture around it. Also, try to create conversation areas using the furniture to let people comfortably talk to each other without straining their necks or shouting. Always keep the traffic flow in mind and leave enough space for people to walk around the furniture. Do not make all the furniture backs touch the walls. It is one of the common mistakes people make while arranging the living room.


Placing the accessories is also an important part of living room arrangement. It is obvious to get some window treatments and artwork done, and maybe some sconces. Put just as much thought to place living room accessories as you did in furniture.

Final words

Test out some different looks and create an arrangement that works best for your lifestyle. Make a proper living room floor plan using graph paper. Ensure to use all the appropriate measurements if you don’t want to face any unwelcome surprises when you actually put the furniture in the room.

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