How to maximize the storage space of your apartment?

When it comes to choosing a home, we should be familiar with the fact what could be done to maximize the storage space to make it more welcoming and spacious. However, with Nine Homz big size 2 BHK independent apartment in Mohali, you don’t have to worry about the space issues at all. But, for those who feel cramped and want to make the most out of the space in their home, we’ve some unique and creative ideas for maximizing the storage space.

Set floating shelves

Set some floating shelves in the middle of the wall. Also, you can decorate your home without using a table or other bulky furniture. Moreover, if you are feeling like a change, you can easily find out what’s on the shelves.

Use the right furniture

If you want to lead a happy and easier living, using an organized furniture is the best solution. Use the furniture that doubles as a storage space to store all the items that are creating clutter in your home. Therefore, the more quickly you implement the double storage furniture, the better you’ll feel in the long run.

Learn stair storage

Stairs are the best way to get creative with unique ideas. You can also create a small rack of books by making shelves, drawers and cupboards to hide your numerous items. And if you’ve already exhausted the stair space, you’ll soon realize that there are endless customizable endless storage options.

Get bathtub surrounds

If you’ve dead surface around your bathtub edges, then it would be good to put it to some work. You can add drawers and shelves to store bath products or cleaning supplies. Plan ahead to get some under-the-sink cabinets for creating an extra storage space that’s worth it.

Think of higher spaces or vertically

We generally neglect the space above our and below our feet. However, such places are great for storing out-of-season or lesser-used items. So, try to take advantage of higher spaces and invest in a good step ladder to help you reach this area. Furthermore, do not add too heavy items or boxes above so that even if they fall on you, they are not hurting you.

Take advantage of off-site storage space

You should always organize your storage spaces before organizing any other spaces. And if you’ve lots of extra items cluttered into your small kitchen, then a clean and well-organized storage space in a hall closet is beneficial.

Although, 2 BHK independent floors in Mohali by Nine Homz is brimming with nooks and crannies that will give you more room to store your stuff. Still, we hope that the above creative hacks will help you explore new solutions with the space you’ve available.

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