How to transform your house into a home?

There is a big difference between the house and a home. A home is where you live in and offers you basic needs and safety. While it is a place that gives mental and emotional support and is a kind of a sanctuary for you. But, that’s not what this post is all about. It simply tells how to transform your house into a home without costing you a dime.

Frame up memories

To inject some character into your space, add some personal photos of family and friends. You can create a gallery wall in a variety of frames or simply hang some of your pics individually around your home. Even your child’s favorite artworks are another way to brighten up your home walls. A nice frame and some glass can add a fabulous touch to their masterpiece.

Mix Things Up

You can mix different things to make your house look beautiful. You can also combine antiquities with modern pieces. Mix different patterns and textures. You can put two completely opposite things next to each other and they will look good together. Your house Use rugs and pillows with different patterns and colors. As there is no rule that you cannot put cheap things with expensive ones. Same is what you’ll find at homes in Kharar developed by Nine Homz.

Consider Functionality

Functionality is one of the important aspects of any home. When we think of decorating our home, our focus is on design aesthetics first and the essentials of quality storage remain an afterthought. Be it an open bookcase, timber console or handmade baskets all enhance the appearance of your home. This way you also get an opportunity to display the treasured or personal items.

Decorate with Flowers

If you want to instantly lift the personality of your rooms, use a beautiful vase of flowers to bring life to it. If fresh cut flowers are not your choice, you can go with a few indoor plants that only need to be watered once a week. Displaying flowers will give a timeless look to your interior and signifies that you’re home proud.

Since it’s about your home, Nine Homz gives a personal touch to your dream abode. Nine Homz epitomizes comfort with unmatched elegance in its expansively designed homes in Kharar. Being the best living option in the region, Nine Homz let you enjoy the marvels of life fulfilling the aspirations of the choicest lifestyle.

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