2 BHK floors In Mohali | Transform Your Apartment Like an Interior Desiger

Interior designers have a certain eye to put together a room or an entire 2 BHK floors in Mohali, making it look absolutely functional and fabulous at the same time. Also, not all of us can afford to hire interior designers to help us design our space with their ideas; in fact most of us want to do our own space using our own preference and style.

Do you want to take your inspiration in designing your own interiors on another level, without the help of a professional? We have some amazing tips to help you organize and design your own 2 BHK floors in Mohali!

1. Get some of the most luxury and classy inspiration from the design websites and magazines.
Do your own research, as it can spark a flame of creativity in you, you never knew you had for a home decor. Look up for some styles which appeal to you, picture your empty apartment in those designs and get it done!

2. Colour schemes play a vital role in making or breaking the whole look of your apartment!

Different colors have different moods, as they are so personal and speak out our personal style. Our tip – select a mix of three shades, always!
One main color for the walls, keep it uniform for a classy touch or you can play with some shade variations. Second color for larger accents such as your couches, dining tables, chairs. Third color for smaller accessories that will help tie the whole space together – vase, flowers, some pillows or nick-knack.

3. Adding texture to your interiors is as important as choosing the right color.
Imagine an all-white interiors space with beautiful textured drapes of linen, a velvet sofa, sparkly cushions on the couch and all of these in different textures, styles and colours? Such a combination of different elements of textiles and textures played well with colors used in one room makes it look like a job of some professionals.

4.Big statement pieces of furniture over too many small pieces cluttering a room.
Always remember to mix furniture size and styles to make a room look well balanced. A big room with too much furniture will only make it look too cluttered and the same goes for a smaller room in your 2 BHK Floors in Mohali, one large statement piece of furniture and 2 nick knacks are plenty to make it look classy.

5.Make use of a lot of baskets and decorative trays!

Professional designers love placing decorative bowls, trays and baskets to arrange a room. A pretty gold tray on your coffee table with a bunch of magazines, a few candles set on a smaller tray by your bed, a pretty woven basket of fresh fruits on your center table, and again a basket or tray to fill all you shower essentials.

6.Flowers and plants for that finishing touch!
Fresh greens or beautiful flowers add that final touch of a professional designer to your home. It is a very simple tip, adding some plant pots and flower arrangements here and there in your home gives a beautiful touch and feel to your interiors. But remember to avoid fake floral arrangements.

Now if the interior bug has caught you and you are eagerly waiting to setup and design your own space, it’s time to look for a home to make it your own and decorate it with the help of these tricks, head to Nine Homz City where your creativity awaits you at the exquisite and contemporary 2 BHK Floor in Chandigarh. To know more, visit: www.ninehomz.com

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